The first issue of «Property relations
in the Russian Federation «was released in 2001

Founder and publisher of the magazine - the oldest educational institution in Russia to assess NOU VPO «International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting» (www. maok. ru).

The publication is registered with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications. Registration certificate PI 77-7264 from 19.02.2001. ISSN 2072-4098.

The journal is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, which should be published basic scientific results of the dissertation for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences. Last revision of the List is available on the website of the Higher Attestation Commission. We offer post-graduate students, doctoral candidates and placed on the pages of our magazine his article, the relevant section of publication. With requirements for feed materials can be found at the bottom of this page.

Materials of the journal are placed on the Internet site of the scientific electronic library «NEB» – and «KiberLeninka»–, as well as information databases SPS «Guarant», the SPS «Consultant». The publication is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index. Since 2013 abstracts are published in the Abstract Journal VINITI.

Texts of the articles published in the journal from 2003 until last year inclusive, you can get free access to websites «NEB» ( and «KiberLeninki» (, and for the current year – for a small fee online «NEB». Abstracts and key words in Russian and English for all scientific articles and reviews published in the journal from 2009 to the present, made publicly available on the same websites (NEB, KiberLeninka).

The concept – the all-Russian information-analytical and scientific journal – the only monthly publication that is included in the list of VAK, regularly covers virtually all aspects of property relations in our country.

Categories Magazine and scientific direction of the magazine, according to the requirements set forth in WAC accordance with the current nomenclature of scientific specialties, the following:



Economy and management of a national economy

• property policy issues

• land issue

• property management

• evaluation of various objects

• crisis management

• litigation in the field of property relations

Finance, monetary circulation and credit

• property management

• evaluation of various objects


Civil law

• property policy issues

• land issue

• litigation in the field of property relations

Financial right; tax law

• property policy issues

• property management

Land law; nature and resources law; environmental law; agricultural law

• property policy issues

• land issue

• litigation in the field of property relations


Authors – leading experts of the largest Russian companies, certified appraisers, legal advisors of the leading Russian companies, scientists, researchers and practitioners in the field of property relations, representatives of ministries and departments concerned with property policy.

Our subscribers – the administration of cities and towns of Russia, State Property Management Committee, land committees, bodies of technical inventory, registration chambers, large real estate and appraisal firms, leading research libraries in the country, as well as large industrial companies of the Russian Federation, such as «Gazprom», «LUKOIL» and others.

Our award the prize of the festival-competition «Golden LOGODA» in the nomination «The best edition for appraisers» in 2003–2008.

Frequency – magazine (A4 format, 120 pages) is published monthly on the last business day of the month.

Chief Executive Editor

Novokreshchennykh Victor: +7-916-936-77-91, +7 (499) 230-02-06 . 221.


Entering the editorial articles are subject to mandatory review and verification of the online service


for publication in the journal «Property relations in the Russian Federation»

1. After receiving the text of the author's Chief Executive Editor-in scans it for compliance with the articles sent by the profile of the magazine, meet technical requirements for registration of text and illustrations and puts an article in the online verification service It settled with the author of the technical issues. If the article contains more than 25% of non-original material without reference to the citation of the source, the author proposes to hold revision article based on this observation.

2. Ch. adm. Editor transmits the author's text articles on the Editorial Board agreement with the Chairman, or his deputy, member of the Editorial Board – a specialist on the subject sent by the material, which he holds or review articles, or directs its external reviewer without the author's name, what informs Ch. adm. editor who oversees the further passage of the material. The review is available in the editor or in the attached form (see below), or a free-style, but with the reflection of the main points contained in the form of editorial review.

3. After receiving a positive review article Ch. adm. Editor of the Editorial Board or the Chairman s or his deputy shall decide on the publication of the article. In this case, the comments made by the reviewer and not of a fundamental nature, are brought to the attention of the technical editor, who spends editing, proofreading and approval of the text of the author, taking into account these comments.

4. If a review contains significant comments and the reviewer believes that the article needs some work, the Ch. adm. Editor brings to the attention of the author of a proposal to carry out the processing of the text according to the recommendations of the expert, who sent a review. Upon receipt of the modified text of the article from the author of the material re-routed to view the reviewer. Upon receipt of a positive conclusion of the expert, the article is sent for publication, with a negative response to the revised version of the Ch. adm. Editor sends a reasoned refusal to the author in the publication of the article.

5. In the event of an unfavorable opinion of the reviewer Ch. adm. Editor guides the author's refusal to publish the material sent by the application with the review without the reviewer's names.

6. The term of the decision to publish an article or refusal of its publication should not exceed one month.

7. Reviews stored in the wording of at least 5 years. Upon written request, certified copies may be provided by the Ministry of Education of Russia and additional copies of the poster.


Requirements for materials,

Represent the author for publication in

Material for publication is sent by the author to the editor by e-mail in the form of files created or saved in the formats of Microsoft Office 2003. The paper, placed in the same issue of the magazine – 40   000 printed characters to pass (not greater than 20 A4 pages, typed single-spaced font Times New Roman 14th pin). If the article has a greater volume, the author will be asked to publish it in parts of two or more issues of the magazine.


Text of the article can contain any graphic and tabular material. When making graphic objects must take into account that the press unit of the magazine in black and white.


Diagrams, charts, graphs or presented as separate files in the format of a graphical editor, in which they were made, or as embedded in MS Word document objects, keep in touch with these files.


References are listed at the end of the article, in accordance with accepted standards of bibliographic description. Footnotes should be placed at the bottom of each page and be numbered consecutively throughout the article (see. 7.0.5-2008 GOST R).


In addition to the text of the article, the author presents a summary to the editors of the article (no more than 500 characters) and keywords (5–7 words or phrases) in Russian and English languages.


After getting on the harmonization of the edited text of the author (authors) together with the agreed text of the article will send to the editor your consent to the publication of articles in the magazine and on the publication of its electronic version on the Internet sites and information databases, which presents the materials of the magazine (on the site of the Scientific Electronic library databases in the SPS «Guarant» and «Consultant», etc.) of the conciliation letter should be sent to the editors by mail or fax. If possible – a scanned copy of the signed author (s) of writing – by e-mail. (All contact information, see the editorial board. On the page «Contact».) Form conciliatory letter to the editorship of the author together with the edited text of the article by e-mail.